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Berean school of the bible

Berean is not an accredited university; therefore, students do not gain college credit through this option. Berean offers ministry training designed to prepare you to fill a church leadership role and to help you fulfill the call of God on your life.  Berean was designed to provide distance education for people seeking their credentials within the Assemblies of God, and has been used by most of our former students.

Your first year of Berean would consist of 10 courses that would enable you to gain your first level of credentialing in the Assemblies of God, Ministerial Certification.  

Your second year would be an additional 10 courses that would enable you to gain your second level of credentialing, Ministerial Licensing.  

IMC tuition pays for the assigned courses through Berean if completed during the school year.


west coast bible college and seminary

West Coast is the official school of Masters Commission International Network and is working toward gaining their accreditation to become an accredited school. This is a long process, and at this point we are unsure of the timeline for gaining accreditation.

The classes you would be taking for your first year are the equivalent of an associate’s degree without the accreditation. We are currently working with the Assemblies of God District Office to clarify their validity for ministerial credentialing. At this point what we have been told is that these classes will be accepted as a course by course comparison for gaining your credentials with the Assemblies of God.

This school comes highly recommended by MCIN and has been designed specifically around the life of an MC student. The learning consists of online lectures, & assignments blended with supplemental books & life learning experience.  

Choosing this option would increase the student’s tuition by $375 to cover the extra expenses that are incurred. This would make tuition $10,370. With WCBC, students also are responsible to order and purchase books needed for classes. These books are not the typical textbooks, but rather books that can be ordered for a reasonable cost on Amazon, usually around $10-$20 each.  In the past, students have ordered around 16 books per year.


school of worship

Led by Pastors Caleb and Joy Hawkins, this option students will take a course on music theory, worship theory, and personal applied music lessons. School of Worship students will also take 5 Berean School of the Bible courses during their first year, and 5 their second year in order to be able to obtain their Ministerial Certification with the Assemblies of God.  



School of kidmin

Led by Pastor Rhonda Haslett, this track would mean that students would be mentored by experienced children’s pastors and have a customized internship catered to their desired ministry goals. Even after the program is completed, they would have the option for continued ministry coaching by veteran children’s ministers. This program gives them experience teaching and preaching with kids of all ages, learning how to partner with parents, and having a heart for the entire family. In their two years at IMC, School of KidMin students will complete enough Berean courses to obtain their Ministerial Certification with the Assemblies of God while completing four specialized courses and an internship to receive KidMin certification.




*IMC offers a $2,500 work scholarship to help the students pay off their tuition through fundraisers. In the event that the $2,500 is not covered through the fundraisers, IMC will pay the difference. 

Contact Nathan Jorris for any additional questions